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MAP Applauds CRTC Decision

We are encouraged by today's announcement from the CRTC that foreign streamers, such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney who make over $25 million in annual revenue in Canada must contribute 5% of their Canadian revenue towards local media and Canadian broadcasting. It is expected that the new regulations which begins in September, will bring in over $200 million to the Canadian broadcasting system. Unifor National president Lana Payne gave the following statement: "foreign streamers have been competing directly with Candian broadcasters, and they should have the same responsibilities and obligations to support local news and Canadian storytelling."


According to the CRTC release, the 5% will be broken down as follows: 2% to Canada Media Fund, 1.5% to Independent Local News Fund, 0.5% to Indigenous Screen Office, 0.5% to diversity funds and the final 0.5% to remaining Canadian certified independent production funds. CRTC chief executive Vicky Eatrides added that "Today's decision will help ensure that online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content." 


Read the entire CRTC policy here: 


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