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Media Action Plan is an alliance of Unifor locals representing journalists and media workers in TV, newspapers, online news, and film. Unifor represents over 10,000 members in the media sector, and more than 315,000 in over 20 major economic sectors across the country. The Chair of the Unifor Media Sector is Julie Kotsis, a community journalist from Windsor, ON. The Director of Unifor Media is Randy Kitt. The chair of the Media Action Plan committee is Trevor Dixon from CTV Bell Media in London, ON.



The Canadian media landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. The economic foundations of our print and broadcast industries have been ruptured and as a result, Canadian media is in jeopardy. The framework that funds Canadian content in our newspapers and on our screens must be revitalized, so that Canadians may continue to access quality and timely news and entertainment that reflects our Canadian values and identity.

Media Action Plan supports Canada’s Journalists and Media Workers and have launched this campaign in order to hold the Canadian government accountable for enforcing regulation on the media industry players who are not playing fair. American tech giants (Google, Facebook) and media giants (Netflix, Amazon) are consuming the majority of the advertising market and don’t contribute the same media funds or HST that are required by Canadian companies. But it’s not just the American companies who aren’t playing fair – Canadian advertisers must comply with Canadian tax when advertising in print and broadcast media, but not when they advertise in digital media.

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